Muscle building functional training workout


Bodyweight AroundPullup 01

Build muscle and strengthen with this functional training workout by Todd Kuslikis.


Uneven push-up

Bodyweight UnevenPushup 01

From a standard push-up position, shift your weight so that about 70 to 80 per cent of your body weight is on one arm. (Use a medicine ball to make it even more challenging.) Keep this weight distribution as you move through the push-up, inhaling to lower and exhaling to rise. Repeat on the other side.

Diamond push-up

Bodyweight DiamondPushup 01

From a standard push-up position, place your hands in line with your face so that your fingers form a diamond. Inhale to lower yourself down, touching your nose to the inside of the diamond. Exhale to push back up. Be careful to keep your elbows pointing out as you lower down. Your body should stay in a straight line throughout the exercise. Don’t allow your hips to drop or sag.

Barbwire push-up

 Bodyweight barbwirepushup 01

From a standard push-up position, bring your feet wider than shoulder width. Form a triangle with your body by sending your hips upward and your nose toward the ground with the arms straight (this will resemble the yoga ‘downward dog’ position). Inhale to bring the body toward the ground, moving through a push-up to scoop the chest up on the other side. Exhale to return back to your starting position. Be sure to move through the entirety of this movement on every repetition.

Around the world pull-up

Bodyweight aroundtheworld 01

Begin in standard pull-up position. As you pull yourself up, shift your weight to the right so that your face comes in line with your right hand. Without coming down, shift your weight to the left, then lower. Repeat, going the other direction for the next repetition.

Kneeling back bend

Bodyweight KneelingBackBend 01

Photography y Samuel Lathrop

Workout modelled by Michael Vazquez

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