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In his second appearance on our cover, Mark Robinson stands beside his inspiring wife, Alexandra Kierdorf-Robinson. Here's a sneak peek of his cover story, where we chat about how it all started and how much this journey alongside wife means to him.

Tell us a little bit about your athletic upbringing. 

I’ve been a sports enthusiast from the beginning; I grew up playing all sports, including tennis, squash, rugby, cricket, surfing and Nippers. 

I began lifting weights from the age of 15 when my dad introduced me to an wise old man called George Loots and his rundown original gym. George had in the past hosted the biggest names in the industry, such as Arnold himself, and at that time was still the lead trainer in the country with a lifetime of knowledge to share. 

He wrote out my very first training programs by hand, pencil on paper, with little drawings of each exercise and tips on correct technique. They began as whole body workouts with one, maybe two, exercises per body part of high repetitions. 

All exercises were initially machine based so I could get used to the movements in a safe and productive way. I was told to engage my mind with the muscle I was aiming to work in each specific exercise to ensure I would feel a burn in the correct muscle, which would indicate correct form and therefore better chance of seeing results. 

As the months went on, my programs from George progressed towards split bodypart training with lower reps and from machines to bars and dumbbells — a natural progression that I still use today in the coaching of my clients. 

Fourteen years on and I’m still injury free and growing in strength and muscle maturity and, perhaps most importantly, still motivated to keep bettering myself in each and every session.

This is your second appearance on our cover this year, but this time you are joined by wife Alexandra. Tell us a little about her.  

My wife Alexandra works with us as a personal trainer and operations manager and is my rock. We got married five years ago here on the Gold Coast but we endured three years of long distance relationship prior to that. Alexandra is Swedish and completed her physiotherapy studies in Sweden before eventually moving here. Alexandra recently also took to the world stage in Las Vegas and placed a very impressive 4th in her world Figure class. Today, we couldn’t be prouder to be on the cover of Australian Iron Man together!

You have graced our cover a few times now, but you’ve actually been working with us for quite some time.

Yeah, I’ve have been writing for Australian Iron Man as a contributing editor for some five years and it continues to be an honour for me to share education and motivation. My first Australian Iron Man cover earlier this year was a dream come true and now to share the cover with my beautiful wife tops it all. 

A huge thank you goes to Australian Iron Man for believing in me and providing these life-changing opportunities. 

An extra special bonus of this year’s covers with Australian Iron Man was being invited to its booths at the Arnold Classic and being seated right beside Arnold himself, as well as the Australian Fitness Expo for cover signings and interviews — these are weekends I’ll never forget!

I have so many special people in my corner supporting my every move — thank you all. I am also grateful to be a child of God; I believe having a faith helps my journey daily. It’s a never-ending journey, but that’s what makes our industry so motivating and exciting. Enjoy the ride.

Read the full cover story in the November edition of Australian Iron Man Magazine.

Image by Noel Deganta.

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