The man of steel: Justin Wessels


The man of steel - Justin Wessels - Australian Iron Man Magazine

Known to be unbeaten in any competition here on Australian soil, Justin Wessels is a beacon of bodybuilding in its true essence. Here, Vance Ang gives us an insight into his dominance. 

 Having recently won the coveted Mr. World title in Brazil, Wessel has capped off yet another sensational showing. News of his win came thick and fast and even Wessels himself did not expect the overwhelming praise he received from all corners of this sport.  

“It was always a goal of mine to win an international title. I have been overseas four times previously to competing in the Mr. Universe in the UK,” Wessels says. “Back in 2010 was my best Universe placing [3rd]. This year deciding to compete again I did put everything into it with the view of winning a world title and winning the Masters Mr. World title in Brazil was exceptionally satisfying and rewarding — the response was humbling and overwhelming.”    

world-renowned physique is one that has been honed over years of hard work, strict discipline and a razor-sharp focus that creates possibilities and eschews any doubts. To many, the beauty of this sport, beyond its aesthetics, is pragmatism — the very principle that Wessels endorses as a key to building mass, honing definition and creating that award-winning physique.  

“I’m a big believer that you have to put the work in,” Wessels says. “Things we are trying to achieve on the bodybuilding stage and with our condition, that doesn’t happen overnight. You need a good solid plan to start with, with plenty of good food, hard training and a clear head — consistency is important. For me, it’s all the little things, the one per cent that makes a difference. Stick to your plan even when you don’t feel like it, as that’s when it matters the most. It is important to stay in control of the process regardless of the obstacles; that does wonders for your self-esteem, confidence and it pays dividends in the long run.”

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Image by Matt Knappick.

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