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Fitness dynamo Heidi Somers paid her dues with years of hard work before ascending to social media stardom as the @Buffbunny. Dr Cat Begovic caught up with the fitness star to talk all things fitness, lifestyle and goals.

Take one look at Heidi Somers and you might assume that life has been an easy ride for the blonde beauty. After all, when you have a fashion-model face, Wonder Woman’s body and the type of natural likeability a politician would pay millions for, doors automatically open for you, right? Not exactly.

Somers is riding high right now, with over a million Instagram followers and a new contract with industry apparel company Live Fit., but this life was not handed to her. She took it. Just a few short years ago she moved from her small hometown in Alaska all the way to Texas to attend college. It was a bold move for the five-foot-tall Somers, who had spent most her life being homeschooled.

“I worked three jobs to support myself and afford the tuition and pre-med textbooks. I did all of this without financial help from anyone,” she says. “I had no friends or family in Texas. I didn’t depend on a man. I was single for three years.”  

They were hard years, but she wouldn’t trade the experience for anything. She may have left the barista, receptionist and waitress jobs back in Texas, but she has brought that same relentless work ethic to her new roles as fitness inspiration, online trainer and aspiring pro Bikini competitor. 

Dr. Cat Begovic: Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you were like growing up.

heidi Somers: I was born and raised in North Pole, Alaska. I was very shy growing up since I was homeschooled with my five siblings. I started attending public school when I was 16, and it was a huge transition for me. I never played sports in high school, but I was quite a sharpshooter in the rifle club! 

CB: How did you get involved in fitness? 

HS: I moved to Texas for school when I was 21 years old. I didn’t have any friends or family there, so I became lonely. I turned to food as comfort, and before I knew it I had gained 40 pounds (18 kg). My journey becoming fit was not an easy one since I couldn’t afford a coach or nutritionist. The premed classes I was taking as well as working for a homeopathic doctor helped me learn so much about the human body. I coached myself throughout my fitness journey and through three different bikini competitions where I took first and overall. 

CB: You get such a positive response on social media. Why do you think that is?

HS: Well, when I started my fitness journey I didn’t have any YouTubers to watch and Instagram wasn’t around yet. I struggled to find free workouts and diet tips that I could trust. I started vlogging my daily life so people could see what I was actually eating, see my full workouts, and why and when I take supplements. I wanted to give people something that I wish I had when I started. It’s basically a diary that I’ve exposed to the world. I feel like I get positive responses because I share not only the workouts and meals but also my struggles. I’m not afraid to be myself.

CB: How did you come up with the social media name ‘Buffbunny’?

HS: I love walking into a gym and throwing weight around. I’m not afraid to lift with the boys. I also love to put on a dress and wear make-up. I came up with the term Buffbunny because it fits my lifestyle perfectly. ‘Buff’ explains my love for muscle and strength while ‘Bunny’ explains my love for being feminine. 

CB: What are your fitness goals? 

HS: My short-term goal is to get my pro card and be able to compete at a pro level in the Bikini division. My long-term goal is to open a gym in San Antonio and be able to change as many lives as possible. 

CB: What’s your favourite body part on yourself? 

HS: I think my favourite is my shoulders, especially after a good pump!

CB: What’s your favourite body part on guys?

HS: Legs and shoulders are my favourite on a guy!

CB: I really love all your clothing for this shoot!  Tell us more about Live Fit. and how you got involved with them?

HS: Thank you! I was walking around the LA Fit Expo when I first saw the Live Fit. brand. The energy and people surrounding the booth was incredible! I thought to myself, “How amazing would it be to be a part of a brand like that?” A few months later I received an email from Randall [Pich, founder/CEO of Live Fit.] asking me to be a part of the team! Ahhh, what a dream come true!

CB: Do you feel that having amazing clothing helps your performance?

HS: I can get in a good workout in any outfit; however, when I wear something I feel confident in and something higher quality, my workouts are 10 times better. Wearing clothes that are breathable and appropriate for the exercises you are doing makes the workout more enjoyable. 

CB: What are some interesting things about you that your fans might not know about?

HS: I was in the science club in college, I took basic auto in high school, I have a 100-pound (45 kg) pit bull named Neurotransmitter and I backpacked Thailand and Europe. 

CB: Do you have some words of wisdom that have served you over the years that you can share with our readers?

HS: Never let circumstances hold you back from your dreams. I remember one night at work I was handed a garbage bag and gloves to pick up trash outside. While I was doing it, I thought about my future and what I wanted to do, who I wanted to be. I didn’t know what my future held, but I knew I didn’t want to just…exist. I wanted to live and travel and change lives! That is exactly what I’m doing now. So don’t give up. Whatever your goal is, I promise you it’s worth every obstacle and challenge you face. You hold the power to change your future. What are you waiting for?

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