Tom Hitchen - July's BodyBlitz winner


Tom Hitchin wins July BodyBlitz 12-week Challenge - Australian Iron Man magazine

Tom Hitchen had been fit in his younger days, but since the end of his amateur soccer career, he found that keeping off the kilos was a bit of a hard task. But once Tom found the BodyBlitz Challenge, he was inspired to kickstart his fitness lifestyle once again.

I’ve finally done it! I had always been a fit guy when I was younger. As a state representative in soccer and all the training that goes with it, I could eat whatever I wanted without any effect. I just assumed I had a good metabolism.

However, once I stopped playing competitively in my late teens, I kept eating as I was before and started piling on the weight. I was married at 19 and my marriage contentment showed. As life went on, I became a business owner and father of two young girls — and I hit 106 kg. Initially, I just put it down to the busy lifestyle. But having a young family really highlighted how unfit I had become. I so wanted to give them the energy they wanted out of me. At this point, I began actively training at the gym, but was never committed enough to really rip down. I had pulled my weight down to about 93 kg over two years, which was a slow but good start.  

I’d always dreamed of cutting down and getting my fitness back. I never thought it would actually happen. I then saw the 12-week challenge competition and the results people were achieving when they stuck to it properly. It was the motivation I needed to commit to actually do something to transform my body into what I wanted myself to look like.

During the BodyBlitz Challenge, I did a lot of cross training, which consisted of high-rep weighed movements, as well as body weight movements. This was done over a short period of time, normally about 20–45 minutes. I did this kind of training session three-to-five times a week, and I also cycled to and from the gym. I found my time to train in the early mornings and late at night thanks to my local 24-hour gym.

After 12 weeks, I have seen some great results by training regularly and cutting out all the junk I usually used to eat. I am feeling a lot more energetic and proud of what I have achieved when I look in the mirror. Thanks to all the other people who have completed this challenge to show it can be done.

Sample diet

  • Breakfast – 1 egg on toast
  • Morning tea – 1/2 Titan protein bar
  • Lunch – Small tin of tuna and baked beans
  • Afternoon tea – Protein shake Dinner –
  • Meat and steamed veg

 Sample workout

  • 7 rounds of:
  • 7 x Push-ups
  • 7 x Front squat to shoulder press (thruster) — barbell, 55 kg
  • 7 x Hanging leg raises
  • 7 x Deadlifts, 100kg
  • 7 x Burpees
  • 7 x Kettlebell swing, 24 kg
  • 7 x Pull-ups


                        Before             After

Height             180                  184
Weight             90.2 kg            85.9 kg
Chest               102.1 cm         96.3 cm

Waist               86.8 cm           85.5 cm
Calves             42.2 cm           39.5 cm
Arms               34.5 cm           36.7 cm
Thighs             65 cm              60.5 cm

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