9 reasons bodybuilders should eat fibre

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Fuller, faster, slimmer. Find out the benefits of increasing your daily fibre intake.

"More energy (calories) is spent digesting and absorbing high-fibre foods. In fact, if you increase your fibre intake to 35 grams a day, you’ll automatically burn 250 calories a day, without exercising more or eating less.” — Maggie-Greenwood-Robinson, Ph.D.

When you increase your daily fibre intake, not only do you accelerate your body’s ability to burn fat, but the fibre also:

1. Can curb your appetite by causing the contents in your stomach to swell, making you feel full.

2. Activates the hormone cholecystokinin in the small intestine. CCK is responsible for stimulating the digestion of fats and protein, as well as acting as a messenger that tells your brain you’re full. Fibre also encourages as well as sustains the elevation of CCK in the blood.

3. Controls your blood sugar by slowing down the rate at which your body converts carbohydrate to sugar, thus discouraging the storage of fat from carbohydrates not readily used as fuel.

4. Enables you to eat more fibre-rich food thus reducing your calorie intake and improving elimination.

5. Can reduce insulin resistance, a key cause of obesity and the metabolic syndrome.

6. Can block the absorption of cholesterol.

7. Blocks fat absorption as fibre moves and binds with fats and escorts them through the digestive system faster so less is absorbed.

8. Minimises catabolism, or muscle wasting, by accelerating protein metabolism.

9. Slows the absorption of calories from foods.

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