Back from the flab


Three and a half years ago, Paul ‘PJ’ James was in the middle of an interview with IM for a feature article (May, 2008) that formed part of his prize for taking out the Blush ‘Hottest Hunk’ competition.

This contest has since attracted hundreds of gym junkies and budding bodybuilders, looking to take their ripped physiques into the realms of underwear and fitness modelling. PJ, however, took his body in a different direction, which forms the basis for the feature documentary, Fat and Back, which screened for the first time in November.
Filmmakers Davin Sgargetta (former IM editor) and Aaron Carroll followed PJ as he gained 40 kg of body fat over six months, before losing it all again. His journey garnered a great deal of media attention worldwide, from Today Tonight and A Current Affair to Good Morning America, German news network RTL and countless other TV, radio and print outlets.
Familiar industry faces — Tony Doherty, Scott Goble, Ellena Reidie (formerly Tsatsos) and Al Reidie to name a few — were at the premiere, which was held at the Rivoli Cinema in Melbourne. The film also includes interviews with leading obesity experts, as they discuss the forgotten issues surrounding obesity that PJ and millions of others around the world have experienced.
PJ, who trains and works out of Doherty’s, is now back to his ripped and muscular self, but the lessons he learned along the way go a great deal into explaining why the world that many live in has led to a continually inflating problem.

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Images by Blush Photography.

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