Schwarzenegger set to produce new drama 'Pump'

Schwarzenegger to produce new film - Australian Iron Man Magazine

Arnold Schwarzenegger will produce a biographical account of his life in the mid-'70s.

The eight-episode hour-long drama called Pump, is said to be loosely based on his Venice Beach exploits in the mid-’70s.

“I knew from our first brainstorming session that Pump would be a hit,” says Arnold. “The ’70s were such a colourful, transformational time for me and for our entire country. I look forward to bringing that colour to people’s living rooms with the fantastic deep characters and the multi-layered storylines of Pump.”

Six of Arnold’s seven Mr. Olympia titles occurred in the ’70s, as did his breakout role in the immortal Pumping Iron.

“I feel so passionate about this project,” Arnold said, “because today it’s easy to take our gyms and culture of fitness for granted, but it all started with this wild group of bodybuilders as a tiny subculture in a little dungeon gym in Venice Beach. I can’t wait to get to work with our great team.”

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