Is this the new DMAA?


Get excited, people.

Despite some supplement companies in the States challenging the FDA ban on fabled pre-workout ingredient DMAA, and having some success, it's unlikely to ever happen in Australia. However, we are seeing a new and possibly even more exciting compound come to light called DMHA (1,6 – dimethylhexylamine or 2-amino-6-methylheptane).

Since the disappearance of DMAA from our shelves in 2012, there really hasn't been a compound come close until now. Giant Sports' Giant Rush fat burner is the first product on the Australian market to contain the plant-based DMHA, which is structurally similar to DMAA. It may help boost energy levels, focus and concentration, and help control appetite. There are many similarities between these two super stims but one of the main differences is that DMHA is found in sufficient doses in nature, in particular in the Kigelia africana fruit. This allows it to be considered a dietary supplement and get approval from the relevant authorities.

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