World's oldest bodybuilder dies at age 104


RIP 'Pocket Hercules'.

The world's oldest bodybuilder, India's Manohar Aich, has died at the age of 104.

Aich died of 'age-related complications' in Kolkata (Calcutta) on Sunday, June 5th.

Aich won the Mr. Universe Group III championship in 1952, the first Indian to achieve the feat, and was also a three-time Asian Games gold medallist in bodybuilding. At just 4'10" (149 cm), Aich was known as Pocket Hercules.

Aich was still competing well into his 80s and kept training even after he hit the century mark. In 2012, the year he turned 100, he credited his longevity to "a simple diet of milk, fruits and vegetables along with rice, lentils and fish". He truly found bodybuilding to be the fountain of youth.

Aich is survived by his four children, two sons and two daughters.


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Image credit: AFP/Getty

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