ANB Victorian Championships


It was a beautiful day for a bodybuilding show, with over 100 competitors and a packed La Trobe Union Hall. The show opened with Carl Orff's O Fortuna, a standard at bodybuilding shows, and our hosts for the day, Nadine Amesz and Tony Haranas, took the stage and welcomed the audience. Tony noted that "everyone that takes the stage today is a winner."

First up were the Sports Models, who had two rounds of posing (bikini and catwalk), before Stacey Hansen took out first place as well as the Best Posing award. Courtney Ellis and Shermarah Davis were second and third respectively. They were put at ease by head judge Neville Smith, who said the Sports Models were not expected to know the poses like the Figure girls do. The judges were looking for loveliness here and they found it.


The Teenage Men (Under 19) division was won by Callum Von Moger, who stood out as very developed for his age. Jonas Vong came second while Jarrod Brown came third, who also won the Best Posing award for his routine to Michael Jackson’s Dirty Diana. Neville reminded competitors that they were being judged at all times they were on stage.

The Junior’s 22 Men was taken out by Troy Thorton, who was very emotional when presented with his trophy. Aaron Leslie and Brad Dolman were second and third respectively, while fourth-placer Phil Thomas won Best Pose for his 300-inspired routine.

Many of Michael Tabban’s MBS crew were in the Novice Women’s Figure division. Nikki Croft took out first place, while Tania Walter and Samantha Draper were second and third. Elise Tompson, whose routine included backflips, won the Best Pose.

The Novice Men’s division was a very impressive line-up, with the Jamaican-born Roger Grant taking out first place with his tall, developed physique. Grant also won the Best Pose, while second and third were taken by Kareem Kilany and Kallum Fidoe. These were tremendous bodies for men who had never stepped on stage before this year, and the places for third, fourth and fifth were actually tied, requiring a repeat of the symmetry and muscularity rounds.

The Intermediate Women’s division was won by Nikki Smith, followed by Luisia Atkin and Olivia Bartlett-Marques, who also took out the Best Pose.

When it came to the Intermediate Men’s, it was hard not to pick Aaron Curtis as the front-runner, with his impressive and developed musculature. He placed first, as expected, but again there was a tie, this time for second and third, which required another re-judge. When the deadlock broke, Alex Grazzini came out with second and MBS’s Paulo Freitag had third. Aaron Curtis also won Best Pose.

When it was time for the Physique Women, Neville Smith noted that ladies’ bodybuilding is coming back, with six competitors in this division. He explained that Physique is different to Figure: no high heels, more muscles and more compulsory poses. Noula Petrarca took out first and the Best Posing award, while Vicky Turner was second and Jo Collopy was third. Compere Tony Haranas said of the Physique category’s return to the ANB: “We’ve missed you guys.”


Karen Flaherty, who had a great balance of muscle and femininity, won the Masters Women O35 first place trophy; she also took home the Best Posing award. Anita Hearn placed second, while Sharon Black was third and also recipient of the Most Inspirational award for the barriers she had to overcome to be on that stage.

The Grand Masters O45 division had only two competitors, but both were very much in shape. Neither looked the age they had to be to even compete in this division. Donna Ines-Irons took out first place and the Best Pose, for her feather-boa routine, while Mira Henry placed second.

The Masters Men divisions were all judged together — the Masters Men O40, Grand Masters Men O50 and the Great Grand Masters Men O60. In the O40 division, Aaron Braithwaite placed first with John Kellet second and Bruce Hatsfield third, who also won Best Pose. The O50 and O60 divisions were each won by the only competitors, Graeme Edgley in the O50 and Allan Dowsett in the O60. The posedown for these Masters was a highlight; everyone had a ball with it and entertained the crowd.

In the Short Class Figure (U163cm) division, Jane Watts took out first place and Best Pose for her routine to Metallica’s Welcome Home (Sanitarium). Simone Moore placed second while the elegant Rebecca Gardiner-Miller took third.


In the Tall Class Figure (O163cm), the symmetry round had to be repeated such was the high quality of competition. The head judge was very complimentary of all the physiques and the competition was very close. Ursula Beck placed first with Lesley Maxwell and Serena Harvey placing second and third respectively. Best Pose went to fourth-placer Jodi Sheafe.


The Men’s U65kg and U70kg divisions were judged together, as only one U70 competitor turned up: Warrick Williams, who placed first in that division. In the U65, South Australia’s Jim Mathiopoulos won first place and Best Pose for his routine, which included the splits. Connor Lee placed second and Royden Purvey placed third.


The competitors in the Men’s U80kg division were all big, symmetrical guys and it was another close judging round, with a lot of muscle for men weighing less than 80 kg. Head judge Neville Smith said, “You don’t know how hard this is; there’s four firsts up there.” In the end, Matthew Nicholson took out first and the Best Posing award. Matthew was also awarded a special trophy for the 2010 ANB Victorian Championships being his 99th bodybuilding competition. Glenn Gattellaro placed second and Kai’En Leong was awarded the third place trophy.


Iron Man was the sponsor of the U90 kg Men’s and O90 kg Men’s division, and all competitors received 12-month subscriptions to your favourite bodybuilding and fitness magazine. Again, this was a great set of well-developed bodies; clearly a lot of hard gym work had gone into the display on the stage. Since everybody up there was a veteran of bodybuilding competitions, there was a more relaxed atmosphere with a some interplay between judges and competitors.

In the end, Neil Stallbaum placed first and took out Best Pose, while Walter Trinco was second, with Matthew Fry third.


Darren Wade was the only O90 competitor and placed first for that division, along with winning the Best Pose for his routine to U2’s Vertigo.


The Overall Women’s division (made up of all female division winners except Sports Model) was taken out by Jane Watts, the Short Class Figure winner. The Overall Men’s (made up of all male division winners) was won by Aaron Curtis, from a stellar field of 11, which was a lot of muscle to judge.


By the end, the audience had thinned out somewhat, which was a pity, since the final classes were the most impressive. The ANB Vics was a great show, well run by Maria McCarter. Although it was running two-hours behind at one point, they did catch up a little and even though it ended up being a late night, those there at the end were treated to some quality natural muscle.

Photography by Stacey Ciriello –




1 Stacey Hansen (also Best Posing Award)

2 Courtney Ellis

3 Shermarah Davis

4 Jay Jay Mitchell

5 Alysha cliff

Anais Lopez

Marielle Athanatos

Marcy Satorova


Men’s Teenagers U19

1 Calum Von Moger

2 Jonas Vong

3 Jarrod Brown (Best Posing Award)

4 Matthew Papagrigoriou

5 Matt Fraser

Chris Vi

Mark Snell


Junior’s 22 Men

1 Troy Thorton
2 Brad Dolman

3 Aaron Leslie

4 Phill Thomas (Best Posing Award)

5 Dylan Shields

Miguel Latiff-Chaya

Victor Mefsut


Novice Women’s Figure

1 Nikki Croft

2 Tania Walter

3 Samantha Draper

4 Michaela Tsorakidis

5 Kelly Michelakis

Elise Tompson (Best Posing Award)

Lia Wassell

Shona Mitchell


Novice Men’s

1 Roger Grant (Best Posing Award)

2 Kareem Kilany

3 Kallum Fidoe

4 Bernard Labios

5 Luke Tan

Adam Wilson

Jonathon Hallinan

James Field

Geoff O'Brien

Daniel Tramontana

Lance Brown

Intermediate Women
Nikki Smith

2 Luisa Atkin

3 Olivia Bartlett-Marques (Best Posing Award)

4 Alexius Pepper

5 Leah Ware

Jay Goodwin

Intermediate Men

1 Aaron Curtis (Best Posing Award)

2 Alex Grazzini

3 Paulo Freitag

4 Chris Ismall

5 Aidan Guyett

Gil Laconsay

Dmitry Profus


Physique Women

1 Noula Petrarca (Best Posing Award)

2 Vicky Turner

3 Jo Collopy

4 Kylie Ivory

5 Caitlin Barry

Simone Leembruggen


Masters Women 035

1 Karen Flaherty (Best Posing Award)
2 Anita Hearn

3 Sharon Black (Most Inspirational Award)

4 Di Irving

Grand Masters Women O45

1 Donna Innes-Irons (Best Posing Award)

2 Mira Henry


Masters Men O40

1 Aaron Braithwaite

2 John Kellet

3 Bruce Hatfield (Best Posing Award)

4 John Gusman

5 Fabrizio Romeo

Grand Masters Men O50

1 Graeme Edgley (Best Posing Award) 

Great Grand Masters Men O60

1 Allan Dowsett (Best Posing Award) 

Short Class Figure u163cm

1 Jane Watts (Best Posing Award) 

2 Simone Moore

3 Rebecca Gardiner-Miller

Tall Class Figure over 163cm

1 Ursula Beck

2 Lesley Maxwell

3 Serena Harvey

4 Jodi Sheafe (Best Posing Award) 

5 Brenda Milne

U65kg Men’s

1 Jim Mathiopoulos (Best Posing Award)

2 Connor Lee
3 Royden Purvey

U70kg Men’s

1 Warrick Williams (Best Posing Award)

U80kg Men’s

1 Matthew Nicholson (Best Posing Award)

2 Glenn Gattellaro

3 Kai'En Leong

4 Tomce Nikoloski

U 90kg Men’s
1 Neil Stallbaum (Best Posing Award)

2 Walter Trinco

3 Matthew Fry

4 Luke Francis Trainor

5 Matt Cook

Scott Aitchison

O 90kg Men’s

1 Darren Wade (Best Posing Award)

Overall Women’s Figure
Jane Watts

Overall Men’s BB
Aaron Curtis

Iron Man - In the Gym